Hello, I’d like to introduce myself & my purpose. My name is Lorena Bergan, Co-Founder of Kaitlin’s Heart for Heroes. I’m Kaitlin’s mother. Being Kaitlin’s mom was always my number one job. Supporting her in life never stopped even after we lost her, I knew we had to continue that support. The best way to do that was to find out how best to do that. Her dad and I learned about some of her struggles and then by talking to other responders and families the stories sounded similar. This became clear to us we could help, but we needed to do this in many ways, it wasn’t just one thing. Opening a chat room would be just one of many ways to help make a difference. We will not judge, we will share our story with anyone who wants to hear it, we will protect your privacy, & expect the same in return. No one has to share, listening works. We want people in the responder world to feel comfortable, welcomed, and respected. That’s how we raised Kaitlin & her brothers. We know she had trauma related to her work that changed her. The difference is she didn’t have the tools we have or the right people around her or she’d still be here. Thank you for joining us. We are here as a safe place for you to vent, but never to diagnose. This is support for people very dear to us. You are important and valuable, you matter & this is our purpose.